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See Gobe !!!! Pastor wife storm church accusing him of Impregnating church member

Kairos Rhema Embassy church  in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state took an irregular turn when the wife of the pastor disrupt the church service telling the congregation that her husband is fornicating with church member to extent of impregnating the lady.

At the point when the pastor wife named Idongesit Ese, came into the congregation premises, she was banned from entering the assembly room, supposedly on the grounds that her husband named Pastor Nsikanabasi Ese, suspected she would attempt to cause commotion. 

When she got out of her car and attempted to get into the congregation premises, a gathering of men, allegedly contracted by her husband, assaulted her. Witnesses revealed to Premium Times that they saw one of the hooligans slap Mrs. Ese. Be that as it may, she stayed resistant and could advance into the congregation premises from where she revealed to her story noisily for those inside the congregation to hear her. 
"I need each man and lady who has still, small voice in this congregation to ask my husband for what valid reason he is doing this to me, why might he be laying down with a young lady who came to look for counselling and prayer from him," Mrs. Ese told church individuals. 

"I caught my husband engaging in sexual relations with Evelyn Etim. As I address you, Evelyn has brought forth an infant kid and she is living in Eket with my husband." 

Mrs Ese additionally blamed her husband for abusive behavior at home and demonstrated to them a photograph of her with bloodied confront as evidence, saying the purpose behind the strike was on the grounds that she got him in a lodging with Evelyn.

She stated: "I need individuals from the congregation to know why I haven't been going to programs. Many individuals have been calling me to advise me that my husband lied that I traveled

Individuals who claim to have talked with Pastor Ese said the minister was blaming the wife for having misled him about her age and her level of training and has now petitioned for a separation. Minister Moses, who remained in as Pastor Ese's dad amid the irritated couple's customary marriage, said that he doesn't trust Pastor Ese was called by God. 

Minister Moses stated: "He didn't give me any imperative motivation behind why he ought to separate, he just said the lady is cruel. I don't trust he is called by God. I have let him know and his mom not to come to my home any longer." 

Minister Nsikanabasi Ese is a similar minister who knocked down a traditions officer while attempting to dodge obligations check a little while back.

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